The Phoenix on Fatherland

The private residence of architect Tracey Ford, Principal at EOA Architects, is a beautiful 1913 Victorian cottage in East Nashville. Since purchasing the home in 2002, she has had her share of highs and lows. On a spring night in May of 2016, while she was doing laundry, she heard a pop. Tracey ran to her laundry room to find flames shooting out of the dryer. The house was severely fire-damaged, but no one was hurt. Over the course of the next year she designed the rebuilt home, constructed by Bootstrap Architecture + Construction. She moved back into her home in July 2017.

The project includes high end finishes and appliances, custom cabinetry and millwork, and locally made interior architectural elements. The renovation of the main house included the addition of a master bedroom suite, second floor bath, and expanded outdoor living space. Tracey even had two new gas fireplaces installed. The project also included the construction of a detached accessory dwelling unit used for short term rentals.


Tracey Ford, Principal, EOA Architects


Nashville, Tennessee


Private Residence



Nashville Lifestyles, Fall Edition, 2019


Caroline Sharpnack