Three Nature Centers for Three Metro Parks

EOA was commissioned to design three nature centers for three different metro parks within the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation system.
At Bells Bend Nature Center, wood from the existing barn structures was salvaged and used to construct interior details. The orientation of the building relates to harnessing the prevailing winds through the building and allows for southern roof exposure for solar panels.

Beaman Park Nature Center green features include a geo-thermal heat pump system, pervious concrete walks, re-use of trees from the site and landscaping that only includes plants that are native to the site requiring no irrigation.

Located in the Cumberland River flood plain, the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center perches on telephone poles 9’ above an existing wetland. The vegetated Green Roof serves as a hands-on learning tool about storm-water runoff, environmental technologies, and energy savings. With the sustainable focus of “water”, the roof is designed to gather rainwater into scuppers and rain chains that funnel the water into a natural “bio-swale”.


Metro Parks and Recreation


Nashville, Tennessee


Shelby Bottoms Nature Center 3,175 SF, Beaman Park Nature Center 2,200 SF, Bells Bend Nature Center 2,800 SF


Earth Craft Certified

2007 Honor Award - AIA Middle Tennessee

2008 Building Green, Governor’s Environmental


Tom Gatlin
Renderings by EOA Architects