Old Hickory Community Center

The vision for the new Old Hickory Community Center is deeply connected to the history and legacies of Old Hickory Village and looks to celebrate its multi-generational life and energy. The building program is organized from a single vantage point—the center of the reception desk—a point that allows staff to monitor all programmatic spaces simultaneously. This point acts as a hinge, or spinneret, for which the circulation, or thread, weaves together each piece of the building’s program.

The exterior form is anchored by one-story brick volumes, and two-story stone volumes, inspired by the historic and civic architecture throughout the village. At the intersection of these volumes is a geometry inspired by the villages commercial core and illustrated through the energy of the running track. The interior of the center seeks to engage the community through three contextual influences: the neighboring Cumberland River, the iconic Old Hickory Bridge, and the vibrancy that is the village. Soft seating forms throughout the center become sculptural puddles for collecting the moments and memories that community members will share.


Metro Parks and Recreation


Nashville, Tennessee


New Construction - 30,500 SF



Renderings by Frost Visualizations
Diagrams by EOA Architects