Tennessee’s 7th Licensed Black Female Architect

Lucky number seven, congratulations to Whitney Johnson our newest licensed Architect! Why the number seven? According to the directory of African American Architects, she is the seventh black female architect to be licensed in the history of the state of Tennessee. The seventh. In our State. While we are incredibly proud, we were shocked to learn that women of color are so underrepresented in architecture. EOA thinks we can do better to understand the pipeline to becoming an architect and take a closer look at structural issues related to our profession. In honor of Whitney, we challenge the folks around us to Listen, Engage, Impact and create Accountability around their architectural practices. Listen = educate yourself, read and ask questions; Engage = participate, volunteer in initiatives and celebrations in the DEI space; Impact = become leaders in understanding and participating in conversations; and finally, Accountability = set goals and share stories.

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July 25, 2023