Williamson County Main Library

Williamson County’s ambiance and charm resulted in a population explosion over the past 10-15 years. As a result, the county identified that many of its public services were undersized and not poised for the future, including their Main Library, which was previously located in Downtown Franklin. The facility is located on the historic Battle Ground Academy site, which was central to the Civil War’s Battle of Franklin. The 50,000 square foot building is a civic landmark and icon of education, reflective of the county’s grand heritage as well as a technology-based community learning resource center. It also serves as a catalyst for this area of town and for the new county campus of community facilities. The floor plan creates an ‘L-shape’ to wrap an existing large red oak tree on the site. The central reading room takes advantage of the view out the large oak and beautiful surroundings and is capped with a rotunda space with translucent roofing which allows diffuse natural lighting into the reading area.


Williamson County


Franklin, Tennessee


50,000 SF


2005 Merit Award, Excellence in Development


Tom Gatlin