Bento at Chestnut Hill

Bento at Chestnut Hill is a flexible short term hotel and residences that offers customized amenities combined with an authentic neighborhood experience in a formerly industrial area, south of downtown Nashville. Designed for people on-the-go who value experience over ownership, it is a six-story mixed use project consisting of 89 units including 23 flex-stay rental apartments, 66 hotel rooms, entrepreneurial retail and restaurant spaces.

The project develops sustainable design solutions with the goal of conserving resources and maximizing utilization of space supporting our client’s values towards modularity and compact living. Built in an Opportunity Zone, the goal of the project is to produce living spaces that are optimized, affordable, flexible to the changing markets and needs of the users but also to uplift the quality of the neighborhood by forming diverse partnerships with local residents, small businesses etc. The project site is triangular in shape of approximately .9 acres and is bordered by two streets and the ROW of CSX railroad that drops 30’ across the edges. The L-shaped building extends on two sides maximizing views towards downtown Nashville and allows formation of a courtyard for collective use. The units are strategically stacked to accommodate different types of micro units, co-living, and collective shared spaces. The facade of the building also reflects this modularity drawing inspiration from the industrial neighborhood it resides in by emphasizing the unit bays on the exterior with steel “ribbon” structure. The project also takes advantage of drop in grade by nesting an automatic parking structure against the CSX line allowing for a compact parking footprint and creating a buffer between the railroad and the courtyard space.


BentoBox LLC


Nashville, Tennessee


6-Story, 89 Rooms


2021 Citation Award, AIA Middle Tennessee


Corey Gaffer, Gaffer Photography
Gaffer Photography (Videography)
Illustrations by EOA Architects