Bento at Chestnut Hill

Bento at Chestnut Hill is a mixed-use hotel with flexible stay options that provides rooms equipped with everything a person would need during their stay. Bento Box LLC is a development, lifestyle and building company that believes in delivering products that enable individuals to live a small footprint and convenience-oriented lifestyle. Bento delivers on its values by the creation of specific real estate products that focus on high-density mixed-use living. Nashville became a region of interest for Bento because it has a unique cultural flavor, a growing population of young empowered individuals and the right development and real estate market to make a project feasible.

The Bento Nashville development is located on a plot of land located at 1267/1271 Third Avenue South in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Nashville. The site is a triangular-shaped lot of approximately .9 acres and is bordered by two streets and the ROW of CSX railroad. The six-story mixed-use project consists of 89 units including (23) flex-stay rental apartments, (66) hotel rooms, 4,000 square feet of entrepreneurial retail, and a 5,500 square foot restaurant.


BentoBox LLC


Nashville, Tennessee


6-Story, 89 Rooms


2021 Citation Award, AIA Middle Tennessee


Corey Gaffer, Gaffer Photography
Gaffer Photography (Videography)
Illustrations by EOA Architects