Nashville Metro Historic Commission Preservation Award

The Nashville Metro Historic Commission held the 2024 Preservation awards where Ten21 was honored with a Preservation Award. The EOA team is proud to be one of the many partners involved in re-envisioning this historic building after the 2020 Tornado. Starting with Mark and Patti Sanders, neighbors to the building, who could not stand to see the remaining structure torn down; they personally stepped up as developers to invite a passionate team of story tellers to save this beloved piece of East Nashville history.

The first partners called to the scene were MCR Contractors, EMC Structural and our EOA team who worked to not only figure out how to stabilize and salvage, but also keep in mind the final story to tell. One of our key partners was the Metro Historic Commission (MHC) staff who were on-site frequently through the process of stabilization and re-construction. The MHC team was also a key collaborator with our team working through how to introduce new elements into the fabric of the old.

Photography: @gafferphoto

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June 10, 2024