grand opening

BentoLiving Chestnut Hill

BentoLiving Chestnut Hill has officially opened! The following comments were provided by BentoLiving COO, Justin Koziol, courtesy of the Nashville Business Journal:

“We wanted to have a little bit of a different experience on hospitality and actually show a different side of Nashville,” Koziol told the Nashville Business Journal. “We wanted to capture the audience that’s going to come in and not necessarily just be interested in the ‘tourist experience,’ but who really wants to live a little more locally. We wanted a spot out of downtown so you could feel more of the local culture.”

“This neighborhood has a lot of great things going for it. It’s close to downtown and most of the city, but it’s removed and has a creative background. We saw it as a developing area that we could be part of how the community is moving forward.”

“The 89-unit, flex-stay concept offers guests one- and two-bedroom options, micro living spaces (350 square feet) and co-living spaces. The co-living options give guests 280 square feet of space, with each unit having a private bedroom and bathroom, but shared communal spaces.”

Click Here to read the full article from The Nashville Business Journal.

February 12, 2020