The Game of Rent

Thank you Kelsey Oesmann for stopping by the office last week to share the ‘Game of Rent’ with our studio! The game is a highly effective teaching tool to bring awareness to the importance of affordable housing. It puts real numbers around what it takes to live in different neighborhoods through the lens of differing demographics. Learn more at

EOA has been working in the affordable housing/attainable living realm for over 30 years with local projects including Row 8.9n (Nashville's first mixed-income project in 1999); Mid City Gardens (LHFA/Baton Rouge); Bordeaux Townhouses, MDHA Gernert Cottages and Red Oak Flats and Cottages (MDHA); and over very own 5th & Main. Current studio projects include the Ben Allen Apartments (Clear Blue) and Inspiritus Apartments (focusing on affordable housing for seniors) well as our many for-profit developers that incorporate affordable with market-rate units. We love this space and how we can impact Nashville's communities and individuals with housing options.

Click Here to learn more about "The Game of Rent"!

July 28, 2023