EOA Architect Allison Sonnenberg WELL Certified

Congratulations to Allison Sonnenberg for completing her WELL AP certification!

The WELL AP credential denotes expertise in the WELL Standard (WELL), a library of evidence-based building and organizational strategies that can improve the health and well-being of people in buildings.

According to the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), projects with WELL Certification represent the highest pinnacle of health and well-being under the WELL Building Standard, spanning 108 features across all 10 categories in WELL. It provides a roadmap for improving the quality of our air, water and light with inspired design decisions that not only keep us connected but facilitate a good night's sleep, support our mental health and help us do our best work every day.

Allison was a student intern twice at EOA while studying architecture at the University of Tennessee and has been a full-time employee at EOA since May of 2017. Allison has a passion for mentoring aspiring students and young professionals and is part of the ACE Mentor Program.

Congratulations Allison!!!

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July 20, 2023